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The black car service with driver of Matteo Musiani
In Bologna, access to the NCC driver profession is well regulated by specific rules which
they define which subjective requisites required to possess and which qualifications or certifications of a technical / professional nature must be achieved.

What is the NCC service
NCC stands for "Rental With Driver", or a service belonging to the category of public transport, non-scheduled, supplementary and supplementary to scheduled transport. A service that caters to a specific user who has an adequate request for a specific time and travel service. To serve as a chauffeur-driven chauffeur, what has once been called more or less rightly, fare the "chauffeur", to take advantage of enjoying a particular "status", difficult to use today in other professions or activities:
- Total autonomy and craftsmanship of your work;
- Use of high level vehicles;
- Contacts with exclusive and prestigious customers.
- Use of the most modern "automatic" tools to carry out your business.

It is necessary to have a number of requirements.

General requirements:
1. be 21 years old, the age he provides to achieve the necessary professional qualifications,
2. have Italian citizenship or another EU state or be a non-EU citizen unless the country of origin contemplates reciprocity,
3. be resident in a Municipality of the Province of Bologna;
4. be exempt from the subjective impediments referred to in article 10 of the "Regolamento per la gestione sovracomunale degli autoservizi pubblici non di linea con autovettura";
5. be the owner or in any case own the full availability (also in leasing) of the vehicle to be used for the service;
6. for the NCC service, the availability of a remittance is also required (art. 9
paragraph 2 Unified Reg. PG.219650 / 2017 in relation to art. 3 L.21 / 1992) in the territory of the Municipality
which issues the authorization, to be understood as a private place, also in the open air, provided limited and suitable for parking the service vehicle.
The eligibility of the remittance, if intended exclusively for parking, is ascertained exclusively with regard to a intended use. In the case, instead of said remittance being used
for multiple uses or at the same time as the headquarters of the company, the suitability is also ascertained following compliance with the fire, sanitation, building and other provisions otherwise prescribed by the relevant legislation;
7. not to have transferred other license or authorization regulations in the five years preceding the organization of the Municipalities belonging to the area;
8. not have more than 6 assignments issued by another municipality;
9. be insured for civil liability towards people or things, including third parties
transported, at least according to the minimum obligations foreseen by the regulations for scheduled time;

Interpersonal requirements: to perform the profession in an optimal way it is important to have moral requirements
excellence such as: maximum education and punctuality, respect for others, ability in social and public relations, ability to interact with customers and a perfect driving style respectful of the Highway Code adapted to the needs of each passenger.

Economic requirements: for those who want to acquire the patent or purchase the NCC license, it is important to already have a significant share of the expense to be incurred, so as to avoid mortgages or loans that are all too expensive.

Technical / professional requirements:
1. hold a driving license of category B or higher;
2. be the holder of a professional qualification certificate corresponding to the driving license
owned achievable at the Offices of the Civil Motorization;
3. obtaining registration in the Register of Craft Companies or in the Register of Companies;
4. acquisition of ownership of the taxi license and completion of the activity.
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