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How much does it cost to rent a black car in Bologna?

The request for a car rental with driver, the classic black cars also defined as NCC, in Bologna has expanded considerably following the quality and practicality with this type of road service has implemented opportunities aimed at different customer groups.

The increase in the car rental service with driver
In the world of NCC, the Autoblu service in Bologna has expanded its presence in the Bologna area thanks to the important opportunities provided by the agencies in the area.
If in the past this service was mainly seen as a 'luxury' alternative to the city taxi, the opportunities offered today have significantly expanded both the city car park in Bologna and the needs requested by customers in a city that is in some respects difficult on journeys.

The many jobs, the daily traffic during rush hour, the controlled traffic accesses in the historical center (often the areas inside the walls are real cobwebs of cameras ready to immortalize the access error with the issue of salty fines also  for small traffic offenses), are all reasons why more and more people in Bologna are turning to black car rental agencies.
All this takes place, not a secondary factor, with the guarantee of obtaining a high quality service, drivers of high professional and ethical value, an elegant and important opportunity in the development of the routes.

The driver, thanks to a previously agreed contractual agreement, will receive you at your arrival point in the city, both the Marconi international airport such as the Central Station, the Bus Station or perhaps in a company where you are carrying out a task of  representation or teaching, in faculty if you are a speaker from outside Bologna, at the Fair or in a hotel, in this case the opportunities are innumerable.

How much does the black car rental service in Bologna cost?
If you have focused on the importance of this service, you must first plan the reasons for your request in order to receive a careful and detailed estimate from the agency.
The cost is substituted for the request, for your needs that will have no limits: unlike the taxi, the black cars driver will be able to take you anywhere in Bologna, even on non-urban trips, a limit instead of limiting the taxi's range of action  .
Therefore the cost will be determined by the duration of the requested service but the car model also affects the cost.
From the MPV to the family car if you are a larger group, up to the possibility of experiencing Bologna in the full luxury of a transport on luxury cars, also in these choices different types of costs will be determined.

Do you think that in Bologna you can rent a car with a driver even thinking of a limousine: the service is aimed at everyone, obviously with ample spending margins relating to the economic possibilities of customers who sometimes turn to the agency with the motivation to express luxury  your mobility in Bologna.
So no one is excluded from the service: everyone will have their own options based on their specific request and personal financial availability, another reason why the car rental service with driver in Bologna today is expressed with great evolutions and spreads throughout the city.

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